Vapor Trail Scents

If You Spray It They will Come

Vapor Trail Scents History
How Vapor Trail Scents Got it Start
I never dreamed that I would ever be any kind of inventor. But on a hunt in 2008 in Alabama I left the lodge, got to the blind and waited….during that time I saw 23 deer. I was using and wearing the latest scent blocking products on the market…but all 23 deer walked downwind, smelled me, turned and went back the way they came. I thought there has to be a better way which set the wheels in motion to try to figure out how to keep the deer (and other animals) from detecting my scent. I started in 2009 after the hunting trip working on the idea of dispensing scent so that it creates a wall of protection between you and the animal. Vapor Trail Scents LLC was created in 2009. The Vapor Maker debuted at the Buckmaster's Expo in August 2009. Since then we have made several improvements to the original design. -- Rex Holmes, Jr. CEO Vapor Trail Scents LLC
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Beau Holmes, President
Beau with his first deer which he killed at a very young age. Beau is now 22 and is one who loves to hunt and fish. As he would say everything goes on hold when deer season comes around. Although he loves the ladies he loves deer hunting more.
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Rex Holmes Jr, CEO
Rex, has been an avid hunter and fisherman his entire life. He is also recognized as the world's foremost scent authority. Rex's friends and family in Mississippi and Louisiana respect his abilities and often seek his advice on how to kill the biggest deer or catch the most fish. Rex eats, sleeps, lives and if he is asleep, he dreams deer hunting.
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In Memory of Roger Holmes
Roger lived in Georgia and is Rex's double first cousin. Roger and Rex have been hunting together for years. Roger is like Rex in the fact he just loves being in GOD'S great outdoors. Roger's dad Lemuel was an avid deer hunter and Rex has an awesome 10 pt on his wall killed in Alabama by Lemuel.